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Would Your Relationship Pass an Audit?

relationship, audit, diabetes, diabetic

Share Diabetes can make or break relationships. Don’t wait for it to be broke to fix it! Even the strongest partnerships need regular maintenance, explain relationship experts. Of course you love each other and life together is good. Yes, there may be some dissatisfaction, disappointment, even doubt from time to time, but every couple experiences that, so surely you shouldn’t …

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Fitness Kamasutra Bi-Weekly Treat

fitness kamasutra yoga

Share Fitness kamasutra is the new exercise craze, combining the philosophies of yoga with the pleasures of sex, that you may continue otherwise guilt-free because you won’t exercise. So, here are some exercise and work-out tips for diabetes. Fitness Kamasutra and yoga will add spice to your intimate life. Yoga is kamasutra without a partner, then why not make it …

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Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

diabetes erectile dysfunction

Share Upto 70% of people with diabetes have nerve damage which impacts the neurological response and limits the signal to increase arterial blood flow – Diabetes Induced Erectile Dysfunction (DIED) How important is the association between erectile dysfunction or what is more commonly called male impotence and diabetes? It is estimated that probably the majority of men will suffer from this condition at some stage in their lives and that for some of them this is a condition that doesn’t last for long and goes away just as …

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Sugar will Wreck Your Sex Drive

sex drive

Share What’s the biggest culprit that knocks sex hormones out of balance and makes you lose your sex drive and ability? Sugar! That’s right, excessive sugar can wreck your sex life. Sugar lowers testosterone, it reduces growth hormone production. It also creates leptin resistance and makes you tired as well as triggering stress and anxiety. Let’s talk about testosterone first. …

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We Need to Discuss Our Sex Life and Diabetes


Share I’m a 46 year old diabetic and I’ve been single most of my life. I’ve recently moved in with my partner and we’re planning to get married. I like a sex life, but he wants to make love daily, sometimes twice a day and I often don’t feel like it. I’ve tried to talk to him but it doesn’t …

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