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Avoid Stroke With the Four-Step Plan

Share Avoid stroke and here’s more good news on that. A stroke happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off and cells start to die. It is the fourth biggest killer and the main cause of disability. The amount of people having a stroke has dropped by 20% in the past decade, while deaths from …

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Bowel Cancer Risking Survival

Share Bowel cancer early diagnosis is key to beating the disease, there’s no time for being shy when it comes to testing for bowel cancer. A.k.a. colon cancer, bowel cancer is a very common cancer, with around 41,000 new cases each year that means a new diagnosis every 15 minutes, in the UK alone. Despite the benefits of nipping the …

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Sharper Brain DIY

Share Sharper brain power requires improving on our grey matter and that requires more than just Sudoku. Our brains are a staggering feat of engineering. From week three of gestation to old age, our grey matter is constantly changing. Its size increases fourfold before we hit school age and by age six, it has reached 90% of adult volume. On …

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Tremors, An Occasionally Everyday


Share Tremors or ‘the shakes’ can usually be controlled. Sometimes, they are the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia. Blood glucose levels should be checked within 15 minutes, using the finger-stick glucose test. If the blood glucose level isn’t normal or near normal, repeat the carbohydrate dosage. If hypoglycemia persists, or symptoms become more severe, seek immediate emergency medical care. We …

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Improve Eyesight Before a Crisis Develops

Improve Eyesight

Share Improve eyesight everyday as weakening eyes are a natural part of ageing and there are simple things we can do to slow that progression and help boost the health of our eyes. The main causes of blindness are 48% — Age-related AMD17% — Glaucoma16% — Cataracts9% — Other eye diseases8% — Diabetic eye disease2% — Refractive error 1. Improve …

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