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Tremors, An Occasionally Everyday


Share Tremors or ‘the shakes’ can usually be controlled. Sometimes, they are the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia. Blood glucose levels should be checked within 15 minutes, using the finger-stick glucose test. If the blood glucose level isn’t normal or near normal, repeat the carbohydrate dosage. If hypoglycemia persists, or symptoms become more severe, seek immediate emergency medical care. We …

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Improve Eyesight Before a Crisis Develops

Improve Eyesight

Share Improve eyesight everyday as weakening eyes are a natural part of ageing and there are simple things we can do to slow that progression and help boost the health of our eyes. The main causes of blindness are 48% — Age-related AMD17% — Glaucoma16% — Cataracts9% — Other eye diseases8% — Diabetic eye disease2% — Refractive error 1. Improve …

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Healthy Hormones to Trick Your Health

Share Healthy hormones are responsible for so much – from moods and menopause, to sleep and hunger. Healthy Hormones for Sleep: MELATONIN ‘When light levels drop in the evening, the pineal gland switches on the production of this sleep-inducing hormone,’ says our doctor and sleep expert. ‘It’s then released throughout the night, keeping you asleep until the morning.’ TAKE ACTION …

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Happy Weight is an Adventure

healthy weight

Share Finding your ‘happy weight’ is about feeling good about yourself and your body not hitting a set weight on the scales. It’s about a size and shape that’s healthy and at which your body is comfortable. Fed up with failing when it comes to losing some weight and keeping it off? Use a new approach. What’s YOUR happy weight …

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Liver Disease Loosey-Goosey

Liver Disease

Share Your liver may be spared no thought. Hidden deep inside your body, it’s one of the least talked about organs. However, throughout the year, when you’re finding it hard to resist festive or holiday food and drink, it may be a good time to give it some thought. Diabetes is directly responsible for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Additional to …

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