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Anti-Ageing Yoga Postures

anti-ageing yoga poses

Share Anti-ageing yoga postures are for everybody – forget impossible contortions! There are hundreds of postures to choose from, so never feel that yoga isn’t for you, say yoga experts. Even laying or sitting with a straight spine and breathing slowly is yoga. Stress is the #1 killer and it is medically proven that stress contributes to diabetes. Experts have …

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Cycling Two-Wheel To-Feel Better


Share Cycling is a great way to stay healthy. Here’s how to get back on your bike and feel fabulous — you might not even need to leave the house. One hour of cycling adds a year to your life. That’s the finding of Cambridge University’s Professor of Risk, David Spiegelhalter and it supports previous research that suggests middle-aged cyclists …

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Diabetic! Get Fit While You Sit

Share If you have diabetes, keep your health on track. Thirty minutes of exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40%!! Keep flexible and strong with these simple exercises — all of which you can do in your chair. Sitting for long periods is surprisingly tiring and as we tire, so do our muscles, which makes our posture slump. …

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Pilates to Supercharge Your Diabetic Health


Share If you don’t take a chance, you haven’t got one! Pilates helps to control your diabetes, as it helps to control your glycaemia, increases your cardiovascular health, increases your sensitivity to insulin, whilst reducing body fats – it also reduces your blood pressure and high blood sugar – by burning calories quite easily. The beauty of Pilates is its …

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Walk This Way to Boost Your Diabetic Health.

Share Walking is Easy, Meaningful Diets are Harder Follow these three striding styles to improve your wellbeing POWER WALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS WHY? Picking up your speed when walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and burn more calories. Scientifically, walking has been shown to be almost the perfect exercise because it uses both the skeletal and …

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