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Yoga RA Has Got Me Moving Again


Share Yoga RA was introduced to me when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in my early 40s. I was already diabetic when I had a very severe flare-up. I was bedridden for six months, could barely lift my arms and needed help dressing. My consultant said I’d probably be in a wheelchair within three years. I’d only practised …

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Anti-Ageing Yoga Postures

anti-ageing yoga poses

Share Anti-ageing yoga postures are for everybody – forget impossible contortions! There are hundreds of postures to choose from, so never feel that yoga isn’t for you, say yoga experts. Even laying or sitting with a straight spine and breathing slowly is yoga. Stress is the #1 killer and it is medically proven that stress contributes to diabetes. Experts have …

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Cycling Two-Wheel To-Feel Better


Share Cycling is a great way to stay healthy. Here’s how to get back on your bike and feel fabulous — you might not even need to leave the house. One hour of cycling adds a year to your life. That’s the finding of Cambridge University’s Professor of Risk, David Spiegelhalter and it supports previous research that suggests middle-aged cyclists …

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Diabetic! Get Fit While You Sit

Share If you have diabetes, keep your health on track. Thirty minutes of exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40%!! Keep flexible and strong with these simple exercises — all of which you can do in your chair. Sitting for long periods is surprisingly tiring and as we tire, so do our muscles, which makes our posture slump. …

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Pilates to Supercharge Your Diabetic Health


Share If you don’t take a chance, you haven’t got one! Pilates helps to control your diabetes, as it helps to control your glycaemia, increases your cardiovascular health, increases your sensitivity to insulin, whilst reducing body fats – it also reduces your blood pressure and high blood sugar – by burning calories quite easily. The beauty of Pilates is its …

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