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Diabetes and Eggs
The origin of the food pyramid was the Basic Seven and revised in September 1946.

Eggs. Not A Suitable Candidate For Worship.

Diabetes and Eggs
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Type 2 Diabetes mellitus is increasing in prevalence globally and is becoming a world pandemic.
As consumption of eggs is related to the development of some chronic non-infectious diseases, investigations have been undertaken to identify if an increase of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus could partly be related to habits of egg consumption.
Researchers found a step-wise increase in risk the more eggs people ate. In just a single egg a week, it appeared to increase the odds of diabetes by 76%. Two eggs a week doubled the odds and just a single egg a day tripled the odds. Three times greater the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, one of the leading causes of deaths, amputations, blindness and kidney failure.
This is not the first time a link between eggs and diabetes has been reported. In 2009, Harvard researchers found that a single egg a day or more was associated with an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes in men and women and their finding has also been confirmed in other populations. Asia in 2011 and Europe in 2012.
Diabetes and Eggs
We Can ‘dia-beat-this’
In the high consumption of eggs associated with diabetes, the risk was less with one a day.
It appears you have to start early because once you get into your seventies avoiding eggs has been found to help.
Once we have diabetes, eggs may hasten our death. Eating one egg a day or more appears to shorten anyone’s lifespan but may double the odds of mortality for those with diabetes.
Not good news for the egg industry. From the transcript of a closed meeting, the freedom of information act, given the rate at which obesity and incidents of type 2 diabetes is growing in the U.S., any association between dietary cholesterol and type 2 diabetes could be a ‘show stopper’ that could overshadow the positive attributes in eggs.
E105 – Diabetes and Eggs –
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