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Coconut flowers and Mangosteen Remedies for Open Minded Diabetics.

Coconut tree flowers and Mangosteen
No More ‘Sadi-betes’

Desperately seeking balance and rhythm in one’s diabetic life? Life keeps throwing out too many variables?  How is it possible to always sleep and exercise enough, eat properly and on time?  If you have diabetes Type 1 or Type 2, you want back-up protection to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Coconut tree flowers and Mangosteen 1
Known as the “Queen of Fruits,” the mangosteen is renowned for more than just its taste. Mangosteen powder contains dozens of xanthones, sometimes known as “super-antioxidants.”

Consider using the ancient methods used by Diabetes Type 1 patients for centuries. Dried mangosteen skin powder (How to Make Mangosteen Powder, Youtube) is used in India as a way of regulating blood sugar. Coconuts are also very beneficial to health. The young coconut gives coconut water which is cooling to the body and should be imbibed before mid-day. The fruit may be eaten as is or dried in the sun and can be converted into coconut oil. The empty shells may be burned for cooking and the fire produces relatively low levels of smoke thus ecologically friendly.

Coconut tree flowers and Mangosteen 2
Mangosteen Fruit, Fresh or Powdered, Offers Tons of Health Benefits.

Seasonally, flowers appear on the coconut tree. Once they fall, they may be collected. Take one teaspoon of coconut flowers cooked in one glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. Notice whether your blood sugar levels seem steadier after taking the coconut water regularly for one month.  

Coconut tree flowers and Mangosteen 3
Mangosteen Pericarp Has a Long History of Medicinal Use in Asia.

It follows, that it is advisable to keep a food journal in which daily food consumption is recorded. Food should be eaten on time and at the same time every day. This may work very well.  Be certain to share this learning with the treating doctor. Please note that no medication changes are to be made without the doctor’s approval.

Regard this remedy as an additional back-up protection for leading a healthy life with Diabetes Type 1 or 2. There are always unexpected events which turn up in life. Coconut flower water acts as a soft cushion of protection on which to fall back.


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