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Light Snack Parties

Happy New Year, Diabetics. Invest In A Hip Flask!

Name Of The Game Is Keep-Up, Not Catch-Up!
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Keep a hip flask of cold black tea with you.
Go with a Paleo food. If you are hosting a party then you will be hailed as a great trendsetter. It is actually easier to serve fresh unprocessed food.  It cuts down on your stress.  Cut cheese in cubes, have olives, nuts and other lovely fresh nibbles. Make yourself feel good by decorating the table joyfully. Take out your best decanters and glasses and serve refreshing mint water.
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
It is a fact of life that many people do not like listening to one’s health issues and yet they insist on persuading you to eat, drink and be merry. Never go on the defensive. Get a flask of light black tea and pour it in a glass and sip it. No one will know that it is not rum or whisky.
Make your life simpler. Think it over and be practical.  You have now recognized that your health is fragile. That’s the first step towards being assertive about what is good for you. If late nights no longer suit you, make clear boundaries about what works for you with no explanations.
Without elaborate justifications, just do what is good for you. Early to bed and early to rise. If that works for you, do it.  Always keep your snacks with you so that you do not need to skip a meal. If your celebrations involve a sleepover party, then you need to be equipped with your medicine and your snacks. This is you life. Make it work for you.
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