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Extra-Mineral Affair

Mineral intake, is mighty important for today’s busy society. Food trends are skewed towards people having a diet focused around convenience foods, which often lack these essential vitamins and minerals. Eating a varied diet filled with a range of fruits, vegetables and wholegrains should mean that you’re getting adequate amounts of the minerals your body needs, unfortunately. Take note of our expert tips for a happier, healthier you.

1. Chromium

Chromium is important for energy production, say nutritionists. It can also help to lower blood sugar in those with diabetes. Chromium has also been shown to reduce sugar cravings and improve insulin function in the body.

To get the recommended 25mg of chromium daily, include broccoli and potatoes in your diet.

2. Iodine

Iodine is a hormone catalyst and some might say it has shown to reverse diabetes. Iodine plays an important part in maintaining a healthy thyroid and metabolic rate, which in turn helps maintain a healthy body weight, say nutritionists. Seaweed is a good source and can support your metabolism, as well as influencing growth and cell repair, explain nutritionists.

You need 140mg iodine per day. To achieve this, try snacking on Crispy Seaweed Thins.

3. Potassium

Low potassium increases the risk of diabetes. One of the most important minerals, potassium helps to regulate blood pressure, confirm nutritionists. Weakness and fatigue are common symptoms of a deficiency, as it can affect the efficiency of your muscles.

You need 3,500mg daily, so stock up on pulses, nuts and seeds. 

4. Phosphorus

Diabetes can cause phosphorus levels in your body to drop too low. Phosphorus supports bone growth, aids digestion and helps eliminate toxins from the body, explain nutritionists. It can also help prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. The telltale signs of deficiency include — weak bones, weak teeth, joint pain, muscle stiffness, low energy and a reduced appetite.

The recommended daily amount of phosphorus for adults is 700mg. Boost your levels by eating more tuna, lean chicken, turkey, lentils, quinoa and pumpkin seeds.

5. Zinc

Supplementing Type 2 Diabetes patients with zinc improves the symptoms of diabetes. Zinc helps reduce stress levels, boosts metabolism and aids the immune and digestive systems. One in five women are deficient, which can result in brittle nails, dandruff, dry skin and hair loss. Additional signs can also include eye infections, low immunity and trouble sleeping, say nutritional experts.

A woman’s recommended daily amount is 8mg. To reach your intake, choose lean beef, porridge, brown rice and dark chocolate.

6. Copper

This trace mineral is responsible for cognitive function, boosting immunity, supporting bone density and digestion. Additional benefits include relieving arthritis, helping with skin healing, slowing down the ageing process and upping energy levels, say Training and Nutrition Specialists. Signs of a deficiency in copper could include Crohn’s disease, arthritis, osteoporosis or anaemia. However, other signs also include tiredness, joint pain, hair thinning or unexplained weight loss, say the experts.

The recommended daily amount is 9mg, so stock up on copper-rich shellfish, kale, mushrooms, cashew nuts and chickpeas.

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