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Obese! Bad News Made Me Lose 3 Stone/20 kilos

I knew I had to do something about my weight when my GP told me I was 1lb (half a kilo) away from being obese. I’d piled on the pounds over the years until, I tipped the scales at 12st 3lb (80 kilos).

I worked long weary hours as Finance director, my job was stressful and I travelled a lot, so eating healthily wasn’t easy. To add to my woes, a few years ago I had an ovarian cyst removed, causing a hormone imbalance, which made it even harder to control my weight. I felt drained and had bad mood swings. My GP announced losing weight was the number one thing that would help.

Over the years I’d tried exercise and counting calories, but nothing had worked. When you have so little time for yourself it is impossible to spend it on diet planning and exercise. So I signed up for the three-month calorie control diet plan that delivers meals to your door.

It was so simple! I chose meals online and they arrived each week. I just put them in the microwave for two minutes and added veg. It cost about $5 a day, ($250 month), but it took the hard work out of counting calories, shopping and prepping. Best thing was, I didn’t feel hungry and when I travelled, I just ordered in advance and took my food with me!

I’d lost several pounds by the end of the first week and continued to lose it steadily each month, which inspired me to start shopping healthy, eating right and running! Within a year I’d lost three stone.

I’ve kept it off. Four years on, I’m still 9st/60kgs. If the weight starts creeping back on, I order a month of calorie control diet plan.

Losing weight has given me such confidence and l have so much more energy. If I had kept going the way I was going, I would have slipped into obesity and all the health issues that blows with that. I’m so thrilled I did something about it.

E370 – Obese! Bad News Made Me Lose 3 Stone/20 kilos –

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