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Is Diabetes an End to Good Food?
Diabetic Coach

The Most Incredible Sensation Ever! Good Food.

Do you think diabetes is a monster that brings an end to your days of good food? Let’s rule out this misconception and put your minds to rest. Living with diabetes can be made absolutely guilt free if we manage to balance our meal plans correctly and make healthier food options. Once we strike the right balance with the correct foods available we are on the good food wagon. Happy and content always!
From the umpteen choices of available natural ingredients, we have listed a few that will help you energize your mind, body and spirit. A complete meal must include the following nutrients; Vitamins A C and E, Calcium, Potassium, Fibre and Magnesium. Striking the right balance here is the key to healthy and happy eating.
Various foods from which the above can be derived by the body are:
Citrus Fruits These will provide your daily required dose of Vitamin C & Fibre. Oranges, Lemons, Grape fruits to name a few, take your pick!
Leafy Veggies Low on calories and these become your power suppliers. Spinach, kale etc to name a couple.
Is Diabetes an End to Good Food?
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Beans Half a cup of beans and we are largely done with our daily requirements of potassium and magnesium additionally, they are high in fibre, kidney beans or black beans take your pick.
Nuts An essential part of our diet, providing for a good amount of  healthy fat, fibre and in some cases omega III fatty acids too. Nuts are good mid-meal snacks. Almonds, walnut etc. will quickly do the trick.
Milk and Yogurt Low fat milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium and vitamin D. Consumed in the form of  smoothies, shakes or yogurt, make these a part of your meal and you are great to go!
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