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Diabetes and Arthritic Pain Free Agent

Don’t be a Chronic Pain Sufferer and Get Your Life Back!

Landscape gardener , Steven Hitch, believes that the properties of special Silica gels have made him pain free and independent once again. When we investigated, this is what we found.

At the age of 63 you’d think that Steven Hitch would start to think about taking life a little easier. However he’s just finished a complete renovation of his new home and not content with that, he’s also designed and landscaped his garden to create ‘a little piece of heaven’. This is all quite amazing considering Steven has been suffering from diabetes and crippling arthritis for the last eight years!

“Diabetes runs in the family… we’ve all suffered with it” Steven shares as we sit on the deck in his garden. “I knew it would lead to arthritic pain and after forty years of gardening everyday it finally struck!”


Steven suffered with crippling pain and stiffness in his knees, which meant delegating all of the physical work, which he always relished, to his younger staff. “It was heartbreaking. I felt so useless and started to have bouts of depression. The anti-inflammatories and pain killers from the doctors hardly had any effect and the physio treatments only relaxed the joints for a short while after each session.”


Then, two years ago, Steven and his wife, Jean, moved into their dream house. The house needed a lot of work and the garden was a ‘bomb site’ as Steven puts it. However they could see the enormous potential and set about slowly doing up the house.

This is when Steven’s arthritic pain became excruciating, to the point that he could hardly keep a grip on a hammer! Then, to make things worse, Jean fell from a ladder and broke her hip badly. She spent eight weeks in hospital and the work on their dream home came to a grinding halt.

It was during a visit to the hospital, whilst sitting in the cafeteria with his brother, that Steven’s own medical problems were about to change. His brother George, also suffered with the ‘family diabetic curse’ but had recently found remarkable pain relief for his arthritis in a soothing gel.

Steven had tried just about every pill and cream on the market, but George assured him that Silica was definitely worth a try, after all, it had worked for him. It was a ‘massive breakthrough’ in his battle with arthritic pain.

Steven said he had nothing to lose so he ordered two tubes to give it a go. Two days after receiving them he ordered another four tubes!


“Within minutes of applying the gel to my hands and knees I could feel such soothing relief. It was like the stiffness and pain was melting away. I was worried the sensation would quickly wear off but for the next couple of hours I finished tiling the bathroom before visiting Jean. Even then, the drive to the hospital was the best feeling behind the wheel I’d had in years. No pain at all in my hands, knees and back.”

Incredibly after years of pain, Steven is now free from his arthritic nightmare. He also had a derelict house and garden to get on with and enough gel to keep him moving without pain. Over the next five weeks he worked all day long as if he were 21 again! He finished off the jobs in the house and then completely landscaped the garden. He even found the time to build a den at the end of the garden for when his grandchildren come to visit.


He had the house and the beautiful new garden all ready for when Jean came home from hospital. There’s now a photo sitting proudly on the mantlepiece showing Jean’s wonderful and tearful reaction when she saw all the work Steven had done.

Hearing Steven’s story, it’s clear that Silica gel has changed his life. Gone are the bouts of depression and he now looks forward to enjoying his old age in the house of his dreams and tending to the garden that he loves with all his heart!

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