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Diabetic Can’t be Bothered to Exercise!!?

diabetic exercise

I’m a very reluctant exerciser. I keep reading that exercise is good for us diabetics and I’m sure that’s true. I’m 62 and want to stay as healthy as I can and I’m forever making plans, but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve joined a gym more than once and wasted money by not going; I’ve joined classes and I don’t go. I’ve bought CDs and tried at home. I’m good at doing lots of things, but not this. I do worry whether I’m going to be ill with diabetic complications and age badly, but I can’t motivate myself to do anything about it. I hear about people who are in their 90’s and have never exercised, yet are perfectly well, so maybe I’ll be like them?

There’ll always be someone who bucks the trend, so if you’re looking for some evidence, we’re sure you’ll find it. That said, there’s a lot of well researched scientific information to show that exercise improves both our physical and mental health and it’s something we think every doctor would endorse.

We’re interested in why you find it so hard to do something when you know it would be beneficial. You clearly have the ability to motivate yourself to do other things so why not this? Our hunch is that you don’t believe the evidence or you’ve managed to create a belief that says it’s good for others, but you’ll be the exception.

If you’re going to succeed, it has to be important to you. For anyone who doesn’t like exercise, the benefit has to outweigh the boredom, effort or whatever reason is preventing them from doing it.

Until you believe it’s good for you and that the pay-off for spending time and energy doing it is worthwhile, there’s little point making a plan. Think for a moment about what’s needed to change your beliefs. Once you can pinpoint that, you should be able to move forward. We don’t think that defying science is helpful, but of course, it’s up to you.

Reading and arming yourself with information is the best way to fight any anxiety and watching exercise videos on Youtube can be very inspiring too.

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