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Mother Doesn’t Eat Right Anymore

eat right

My diabetic mother is only in her 60’s, but she says she doesn’t need healthy food any more. Is she right?

We wonder what’s behind her sudden decision? Is she fed up with following self imposed dietary restrictions (for example, cutting out carbs), or is cost an issue?

Many people believe the nationally recommended adult diet (including five-plus daily portions of multi-coloured fruit and veg, wholegrains, pulses, dairy, protein, fewer saturated fats and more unsaturated fats – nuts, seeds, pulses, two weekly portions of oily fish) is too expensive, but it is doable with careful shopping at budget supermarkets.

If she finds all the peeling and chopping difficult (arthritis, say) there are gadgets to make it easier; frozen/tinned foods or ready meals can also be a nutritious alternative.

What about her teeth? Researchers recently said that people with dentures or fewer than 20 teeth are more prone to malnutrition, putting them at risk of muscle and bone weakness because they can’t chew healthy food properly. If swallowing is causing problems she needs an urgent GP appointment.

Finally, both depression and developing dementia can make people less interested in food and to eat right.

3 Reasons to Eat Right with Tinned Food

1. It can be fresher than fresh! Produce starts to degrade as soon as it’s picked and can take up to six weeks to make it on to supermarket shelves. Tinned foods are often canned and preserved earlier and the heating and canning process can increase antioxidants. An experiment by a National University showed that tinned tomatoes contained more vitamin C than fresh ones.

2. Food doesn’t go ‘off’. That means you always have access to quick, healthy and aften cheaper meal options. Just buy veg and beans without added salt, fruits canned in juice (not syrup) and canned fish, such as tuna in water (not oil).

3. You can cut waste. Portion sizes are more controlled and cans are easily recyclable, making them a sustainable packaging choice.

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