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Famous Diabetics: Rich and Enduring a Life Unfulfilled

famous diabetic

famous diabetic
Understanding and knowing the risks

An important lady and a famous diabetic died in India recently. She was only 68. Beautiful, clever, powerful and rich, but even the best medicines in the world could not rescue her. A sad ending to an amazing story of someone who was loved by millions of people.

famous diabetic
We can dia-beat-this!

Details of her health were not publicly known until their mention in a High Court bail application in 2014; she had diabetes, hypertension and cellulitis. It is said that the 21 days she spent in jail wreaked havoc on her health. Admittedly, she had her own room in jail and certainly she enjoyed a better set-up than ordinary prisoners. Witnesses look back and say that she behaved very differently post her prison confinement.

After her stint in jail, Madam Jayalalitha spent 217 days at home but did not do any of her usual activities. There definitely seemed to be a lack of vim or vigour in her public self. As a young woman, she had been an actress in over a hundred films and had always seemed to enjoy being in the public eye.

Now, instead of standing during speeches, she chose to sit. There were rumours that she had gangrene and parts of her foot were amputated. Maybe during the imprisonment, her diet was not correct. Maybe she did not hydrate herself sufficiently and maybe she did not sleep well either. Possibly, her insulin doses were not monitored properly. A high-ranking, high-profile person like her must have suffered a lot of stress and discomforts in jail; stress is a nightmare for a diabetic.

Diabetes and its complications, neither fears nor favours, anyone! Destiny calls you, even if you are Mr. Bright-Side.

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