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Yoga and Juvenile Diabetes
Understanding and knowing the risks

Just The Spring Board Needed. Yoga and Juvenile Diabetes.

Yoga and Juvenile Diabetes
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
In a yoga magazine, we found out about yoga for diabetics. There are so many Youtube videos on this topic to watch. We found out that there are some special yoga asanas for diabetic patients. I asked a doctor once if a non-diabetic person would be advised to do those particular special yoga asanas and he said there would be no harm.
Yoga and Juvenile Diabetes
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
Sara is an intelligent child, but I remember that trying to convince her to do yoga for diabetic patients was another huge task, at first. So much about her life had changed for the better in terms of her well-being, but for the worse in terms of supermarket and birthday party conveniences. Yoga meditation helped calm us all down. I guess I had to scale down my list of anxieties. After some time, she naturally looked for some physical exercise.  Once Sara realized that some of her sporting activities would no longer be viable, she embraced exercise for diabetic patients. She could not imagine her life without sport and physical activity.
Nowadays, I go to Yoga meditation without Sara. She attends a different class. My teacher knows that I came to yoga because there is yoga for diabetics. The ancient link between yoga and diabetes is strong and sound. I enjoy yoga and love talking about yoga and diabetes research. This journey is an ongoing one.
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