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MRI Anxiety Can Go Right

MRI anxiety due to a scan required for tinnitus in my right ear, meant that I was subconsciously postponing the inevitable. Being diabetic I was aware that hearing loss could be linked to my disease. Finally, my consultant referred me because he wanted to rule out the possibility of a tumour.

I waited six weeks and didn’t give the MRI equipment much thought. It was a conventional ‘torpedo’ tube machine; I knew friends who’d had it and said it wasn’t fun, but I wasn’t worried until I got there!

When they told me I have to put something over my face, I started feeling apprehensive. I had to lie in the scanner wearing a helmet, which would be clicked down to secure me and make sure I didn’t move. The minute I knew I was trapped, there was no way I was having it done.

They suggested knocking me out with an anaesthetic, but I was in such a state by then I couldn’t go through with the MRI scan. I fled crying, with everyone looking at me. They must have thought she’s had some terrible bad news!

I’m not normally so soft but this really scared me. I knew I had to have it done though, so I googled it and I found something called an open scanner. There was one close to me at the Upright MRI Centre.

Luckily, my private health insurance covered it. The radiologist and his team were brilliant. They spent time reassuring me and although I still had to be clipped into the machine, I was fine because I was upright, it was open at the front and I could release myself at any time and walk away.

Fortunately, the results of my scan were clear and now I’m not worried about ever having an MRI in future. I know where to go to keep my panic under control.

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