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My Child has Juvenile Diabetes

Shock-Horror! Juvenile Diabetes.

My Child has Juvenile Diabetes
No More ‘Sadi-betes’

I had never heard of diabetes in children. Sara had not been feeling well lately so I took her to our family doctor. She was given a diabetes test and the results were positive. The doctor said…“ I am so sorry but your daughter has juvenile diabetes….”  The doctor tried to explain what it meant for her. He talked to me about good foods for diabetics. He gave me a diet for diabetic patients. He had lots of information on exercise and yoga and the good effect of yoga for diabetics. I must say that at first I really was in a state of shock.

The doctor seemed very understanding because he could see I was devastated by the news that my child had diabetes. Sara would need to do multiple finger prick tests daily to evaluate her blood sugar levels before and after each meal. She would need to be given more than one injection of insulin every day. Some children with juvenile diabetes need to have their blood sugar levels read every 2 hours day and night. What am I gong to do? I have heard that some mothers do not sleep properly at night because they wake up every 2 hours to do blood sugar tests on their children with diabetes, 

Sara was only 8 years old. Had I done something wrong with her health care regime? I felt so much guilt.  Is there a cure for diabetes?  How much would it cost and how long would it take to find a cure? How was the doctor planning to treat her diabetes? It was a very confusing and frightening time. There were so many questions.

My Child Has Juvenile Diabetes
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic

 From the outset we could see that our whole lifestyle needed changes. We planned to introduce good foods for diabetics into our healthier family meals. We decided to concentrate on yoga meditation for stress relief and actually do yoga for diabetics as a part of our new exercise regime. We had always thought of ourselves as health conscious but suddenly we found ourselves in a whole new ball game.

Slowly the new realities of life dawned on me. Sara’s health was very delicate. Provided she followed her diabetes diet, proper exercise for diabetic patients, good sleep and the best yoga for diabetics, she would have a good quality of life.  But the truth is also that she became the odd one out at birthday parties because she could not eat most children’s’ birthday cakes. Never again would I allow her to drink her favourite soft drink on “special occasions”. What treats could I give her when she did well at school? Ice cream and chocolates were off the table. For children, little pleasures are very important. I was in unchartered territory.

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