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7 Health Gadgets for Good Diabetic Investment

There’s plenty of equipment available to help our health and these health gadgets are really worth forking out for…


A quarter of us have high blood pressure, explain doctors. It’s a major cause of cardiovascular disease heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, vascular dementia and a complication of diabetes.

The only reliable way to confirm raised blood pressure is through readings from a monitor and a home one is a good way to keep an eye on it, especially as it can help avoid ‘white-coat’ syndrome where stress in a medical setting, such as the doctor’s surgery, may push your blood pressure artificially high.

The easiest monitors to use are fully automatic (digital). Accuracy is crucial and it’s best to choose a device which tests your blood pressure at your upper arm, as this usually gives the most accurate and consistent result.

This monitor also measures your pulse-rate and appears on Blood Pressure clinically validated monitors and is ultra simple to use. If you’re baffled by any readings, pop into your local Pharmacy and ask.

Can’t splash out?

Get your GP, nurse or pharmacist to check your blood pressure. A reading between 120/80mmHg and 140/90mmHg could mean you’re at risk of high blood pressure, so visit your GP for advice.


Regular activity is essential to keeping healthy, with the help of this health gadget — you’re advised to do at least 30 minutes of activity, which raises your heart rate, five times a week but most of us fall woefully short of this.

A Fitbit is the perfect way to get you focusing on just how much you‘re moving or failing to! The Alta, tots up your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and time you’ve been active as well as tracking the quality of your sleep. It motivates you to move and even has a silent vibrating alarm to get you going in the mornings.


Juices and smoothies are getting bad press these days because of their high sugar content. They can be a great way to boost your five a day, especially if you’ve lost your appetite because of age or illness, such as recovery from diabetes. Just remember that juice or a smoothie only counts as one of your five portions because of the nutrients lost in the process. Don’t have more than a 150ml glass and make sure you drink it as part of a meal to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

The nutribullet is definitely a health gadget and the king of blenders for juicing but it’s also great for quick and easy fresh salad dressings, sauces such as pesto, even nut butters (just add oil to some nuts) and healthy soups; simply purée your soup ingredients and heat thoroughly on the stove or microwave.

Can’t splash out?

Eat a variety of whole fresh fruit and veg, as well as frozen and tinned. Shop-bought juices and smoothies can be great, just read labels carefully for nutritional information.

HAND WEIGHTS (dumbbells twin pack, 2kg)

Not technically a health gadget but an important piece of your health kit. As we age, our muscles naturally weaken and shrink, a process known as sarcopenia. It usually starts by our late 40’s, when we begin to lose an estimated 1% of our muscle mass each year, but we may not notice its effects on our balance and stamina until we’re much older, when it makes us frail and increases our risk of falling.

Resistance/strength training can help strengthen muscles and keep bones healthy, as well as helping regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

That’s why current health gadget guidelines recommend that older people use hand weights at least twice a week to work all the major muscle groups including arms, chest, shoulders and abdomen.

These hand weights are reasonably priced, come in a range of weights and funky colours and are PVC covered.

Can’t splash out?

Use food tins or filled 500ml water bottles as hand weights. Or your own body weight to build muscle by doing leg squats or push-ups against a wall.


An ultra lightweight and quiet portable fan is amazingly effective at cooling you down during a hot flush. Or even a ‘man flush’. It has a USB and rechargeable battery, alongside a detachable lanyard so you can wear it around your neck.

Can’t splash out?

A traditional fan will, of course, do the trick although you have to do the work. If all else fails waft a folded sheet of A4!


Pressure cookers are one of the health gadgets for the healthiest ways to cook because they preserve more nutrients than any other cooking method. They cook food at lower temperatures for shorter time, without the need for water, helping to maximise the health nutrients of ingredients.

Pressure cookers don’t get much easier to use. It also has a 24-hour delay so you can programme it to come on when you’re out, giving you a hot and healthy one-pot meal to come home to.

Can’t splash out?

Cook as many meals as possible from scratch with fresh ingredients, using cooking methods which maintain nutrients, such as steaming and stir-frying. Avoid deep-fat frying and boiling, which can cause important nutrients to leech out into the cooking water. Pressure Cookers have smaller versions starting with the 1 ltr model.


Dentists agree an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual one. Electric brushes help maintain a good pressure, while the oscillating head ensures the maximum surface area of each tooth is clean, say dentists.

Doctors of the Oral Health Foundation say, electric or power toothbrushes are great, particularly if you’ve noticed limited movement. The bestselling electric brush is affordable, does a brilliant job and has a built-in two-minute timer to ensure you stick to the recommended time for brushing.

Can’t splash out?

Brush for two minutes, morning and night, with a fluoride toothpaste in a circular motion with a manual brush with bristles that aren’t too hard. Don’t press too firmly and don’t clean teeth immediately after eating because certain foods temporarily soften enamel, making it vulnerable to vigorous brushing.

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