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Alopecia – New Hair, New You!

Alopecia may occur more in women prone to type 2 diabetes who are at risk, for a scarring type of alopecia. High blood sugar can and does affect the blood vessels in the scalp.

Want to revitalise your life and look? You can enjoy a good hair day, everyday! A style overhaul that will knock years off and help your battle with diabetes depression.

When your hair looks great, you feel fabulous! If you’ve had the same hairstyle for decades, maybe it’s time to be brave and try something new. Not sure where to start? Collect pictures of hairstyles you love and create a mood board. Or if you’ve been visiting the same salon for years, why not go for a consultation somewhere new? They’re usually free of charge and swapping from a stylist you’ve seen for years to someone new and fresh just might get you out of a style rut and transform your look. Or try one of these ideas for inspiration, perfect for a new-you moment…

1. The Easy Update

Love the length of your hair but feel it needs something new? A fringe will update your hair without a drastic restyle and it’s the easiest way to hide those forehead lines! Be inspired by the ever-youthful trademark look. There’s a fringe to suit every hair type and face shape. Soft, layered fringes are most flattering and look great if your hair is shoulder length, or if it’s shorter, try a choppy, side-swept fringe. Avoid a very blunt fringe, as it may look too harsh.

2. Go for Short and Sweet

Alopecia Areata in people with diabetes is a common condition for hair loss. You might think that the more volume you try and put in your hair, the thicker it will look but in fact, this can make your hair look thinner. An elegant crop, just like Jamie Lee Curtis or Judi Dench, will actually make your hair look thicker. So be brave and go short!

3. Thicken Fine Hair

Do you feel as though there’s not as much hair as there used to be? Then choose a style that gives the illusion of thickness. The trick to a bouncy, age-defying do, is lots of layers, just like Helen Mirren’s fabulous style. For a really youthful boost, ask your stylist to cut short, choppy layers throughout your hair. This is a particularly good style if your hair is a bit thinner on the sides, because short layers can help hide any sparse areas.

4. The Low-Maintenance Cut

Alopecia and not having the time to style? No problem. With a layered bob like Lorraine Kelly’s, you can just wash and go. Bobs are notoriously high-maintenance, thanks to all that blow-drying and smoothing, but steer clear of over-styling the days of slavishly blow-drying your bob with a round barrel brush are over. The modern way to wear this style is to keep it textured and natural. Choppy layers will also help detract from droopy jowls and necks if that’s your bugbear! Use a texturising spray through the ends when your hair is dry to give it a tousled finish.

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