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How I Control Diabetes

control diabetes

When my doctor diagnosed my type 2 diabetes 18 months ago it was such a shock. Yes, looking back I’d had the symptoms for years feeling thirsty and needing the loo more, a dry mouth and tired all the time.

However, I explained it away as menopause and living a busy life – I was helping my daughter with my three-year old grandson.

It was only spotted because of a routine health check at my GP’s surgery, but I should have been more aware. My grandmother had been a type 1 diabetic and my mum, though never officially diagnosed, probably had type 2. I grew up knowing she had to eat regularly and she went into a coma when I was three.

My diet has always been healthy but I made a special effort to control diabetes after my diagnosis and watched my sugar intake. I only had crisps, cakes and biscuits on special occasions. I don’t drink much alcohol and l gave up chocolate after it started giving me migraines – these were the first steps to control diabetes.

I eat lots of fish and veg and I keep active with aerobics, swimming and walking the dog. I’m a size 14 and my weight is fairly constant – these steps help further control diabetes.

However, my blood-sugar readings remained high.

It wasn’t until I started taking a third step to control diabetes – a herbal supplement – that my blood sugars started coming down. I’d have two tablets before each meal and within a week, my readings were much lower. That was two months ago. I’ve now reduced the supplements to four a day, with an extra two if I’m going out for a meal. The other night I went out with my husband and had a meringue nest for dessert and two glasses of Prosecco!

The supplement isn’t an excuse to over-eat sugar, cakes and carbs every day. I do watch what I eat and make sure I exercise, but the supplement seems to allow me to enjoy the odd treat without worrying too much and I am able to control diabetes.

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