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Crystal Power, Energy, Equanimity and Diabetes

Crystal healing is much more mainstream now than it was 20 years ago, but I’ve always been drawn to them. First, when I was travelling in my early 20’s and when I worked in Morocco, sitting outside a shop with semiprecious stones to entice tourists. Then, 20 years later when I was at an alternative therapies event, someone was selling them.

I wanted to find out more, so I studied them over a series of courses and now combine crystal healing with hypnotherapy at my studio. I also run one-day workshops for people who want to learn more.

Crystals emit an energy that can work on the nervous system. They’ve a vibrational frequency which is used in things such as computers, watches and solar power. That energy is very conducive to our body’s energy flow (chakras), which is why they’re used in vibrational healing. They can change the frequency in our bodies, redressing the balance on everything from pain or an overactive mind, to infertility and hormone imbalance.

When someone comes to me for a session I ask about health issues and choose the appropriate crystals to place on and around their body, if they had sciatica, I’d use crystals that help with muscles and ligaments. Some crystals have copper within them, some have natural lithium, which can help those with depression. Colours, as well as the crystals’ components, are important. Pink crystals, such as rose quartz, would be used for nurturing and relationships. Yellow (amber) works on the solar plexus.

Citrine, serpentine or pink opal assists not in controlling diabetes but centuries of history has shown that crystals help with high blood pressure as part of a holistic balanced plan where you are addressing diet, exercise, supplementation, including proper herbs, even aromatherapy stress reduction techniques. Crystal healing enhances and compliments all of these things so it works much better for you.

High blood pressure requires rubies which can be small, large, uncut or in rock form. For diabetes, sodalite and orange calcite has to do with insulin and hormonal balance.

I don’t come across much scepticism these days as the majority of people who come to me are very open to alternative therapies. I’ve helped hundreds of people over the years, that’s so satisfying.

E321 – The Power of Crystals and Energy –

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