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Body Piercing
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Diabetes and The Body Piercing Theatre.

Body Piercing
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Body Piercing
Can you get a piercing if you have diabetes?

Body piercing is when a piercing or puncture is made in the body by a needle. Thereafter, a jewelry piece is implanted into the puncture. This is quite the fad these days- girls, young women, even some guys are all for it!

Body Piercing
What are the risks involved?

Being diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t get a body piercing. The point is to remember effective diabetes control and be aware of the effects of piercing and probable side effects of diabetes.

Efficient diabetes management is imperative because inadequate diabetes control can greatly prolong the healing process and the probability of developing an infection is higher. While contemplating body piercing, it is vital to evaluate which body part you want pierced. Piercings can be done on many parts of the body, ranging from earlobes, belly button, eye brows, tongue to private parts. Care should be taken, that being diabetic, some body parts should be avoided like areas with poor circulation like ankles, shins, and buttocks.

Body Piercing
Can diabetics get tattoos on their legs?

It is also very important to do your research in relation to whom to get the body pierced by. Find someone credible to do the piercing. Inform the body piercer about your condition, so he can be better planned and prepared for any unforeseen contingencies.

Body Piercing
Can you get a piercing when you are on blood thinners?

The risks of body piercing are not different for diabetics as compared to normal people. The only point to be wary of is high blood sugar levels. Cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained, else chances of infection and healing complications are high. If the tongue is being pierced or some such soft tissue, make sure excessive bleeding does not happen.  Scarring could follow piercing.

Post piercing, be watchful of the pierced area. Make sure it stays clean and covered till it heals. Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. But enjoy your body beautification!

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