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Diabetes and Mental Health Issues at Work

Mental health is the Silent Problem. One in four employees, experience mental health troubles.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the top mental health issues I come across in the workplace.” The numbers of managers ringing our helpline at the consultancy firm — about people in their teams with these issues — has grown enormously over the past five years.

These issues are usually triggered by a combination of work and non-work issues. Let’s say you have diabetes, that’s a significant health stress. This is compounded by the fact that you are going through a divorce and moving out of the marital home. What we know about stress is that it builds and layers. So you’ve got those two big, life-changing events going on and then you come to work and maybe have to face yet another challenge — a change in processes due to Covid! This means, you’ve got to learn something new or take on more work and as a result of that, you can feel overwhelmed. We advise managers to start conversations, when people seem to be struggling.

That can be difficult, though, because managers tell us that they’re often worried about saying the wrong thing. They can also be keen to automatically send people home to take time out, but that isn’t always best.

Obviously if someone is clearly unwell and unable to work, time off is essential, but working is usually good for your mental health and sanity. If you offer the right support with regular conversations, check-ins, the right diet and also make reasonable adjustments, staying at work mostly does help.

The good news is the future is looking brighter. Businesses are wising up to putting the right support in place, the Governments all over the world have promised Mental Health Acts and millennials are joining the workforce, who are more open to talking about mental health in general.

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