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diabetic digestion
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Your Lifestyle Affects Diabetic Digestion say Natural Nutritionists

diabetic digestion

Digestive problems are common among people with diabetes and will cause health problems. Could your stomach problems be related  to diabetic digestion like gastroparesis. This condition of Diabetic digestion is one in which emptying of food from the stomach is delayed and the contents of the stomach are retained.

Additionally, blood sugar control or the lack of it, is commonly associated with more severe GI issues.

The saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’ but we say, ‘You are what you can digest.’ Digestion is vital to good health. You can eat all the raw, organic food in the world but if you don’t digest it properly, it’s not going to help!

Many things can affect diabetic digestion like – stress, too much eating, caffeine or smoking… A natural nutritionists job is to look not only at what you eat but what your lifestyle is like surrounding that, which can have an impact.

Experts from the College of Naturopathic Medicine are becoming increasingly interested in nutrition since turning to food will help health problems like poor skin and digestion.

Basically, a naturopathic nutritionist gets more education when it comes to alternative medicine, including Chinese medicine and homeopathy getting a flavour of what a naturopath would learn, but in relation to nutrition.

Nutritionists aren’t legally protected in that anyone can call themselves one, but there needs to be some way to trust the person you’re seeing – like a three year degree and being registered. Also, ask if they have professional liability and indemnity insurance.

Natural nutritionists see people with a variety of ailments, such as sleep problems, bloating and being overweight. The average number of one-hour sessions per patient is six to eight turns.

Our top tips for general good diabetic digestion include chewing food thoroughly because remember, your stomach doesn’t have teeth! Just try to slow down putting cutlery down between mouthfuls can help. Don’t drink too much water with meals. It’s good to keep hydrated, but with food it fills you up without the nutrients and may dilute stomach acid and enzymes, which can inhibit digestion.

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