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Diabetic Health Tweaks to Start the New Year

Diabetic Health soon loses it’s allure and there are several reasons why most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by 12 January. Not even two weeks in and our motivation has already begun to falter. One of the main reasons is we tend to make extremely lofty promises. ‘Most of us create resolutions that are too “big” and therefore we can’t meet them,’ say success coaches.

So if your aim is to become healthier as well as happier next year, then try these manageable bite-size goals. The experts reveal their secrets and how, by making a few tiny lifestyle tweaks, you can still get big results.

1. Master Meditation for Diabetic Health

Forget those expensive anti-ageing creams in 2020; your secret to a youthful glow is in your head. A study in the International Journal of Neuroscience has shown that people who have practised meditation for five years or more are physiologically 12 years younger than their actual age. So close your eyes and let yourself breathe.

2. You’ve Got to Keep Moving

We all sit too much during the day and it’s damaging our diabetic health. According to a study by Queen’s University Belfast, it’s linked to 70,000 yearly deaths in the UK alone. Anything we can do to move more in 2020 will do us good. Standing for 30 minutes can burn 64 calories, lower blood sugar levels and your risk of heart disease, as well as reduce back pain and improve energy, say the experts.

3. Swap Bottled Water for Tap

It’s not only good for the environment (can you believe we get through 7.7 billion plastic bottles a year?), but according to leading dentist in London Dr Richard Marques, it’s good for our teeth, too. ‘The fluoride in it helps protect teeth against harmful bacteria and acids, he explains and water is the best drink for diabetic health.

4. Start Slow for Diabetic Health

Personal trainer Amy Tart recommends kick-starting your fitness regime with low-impact cardio exercises, such as walking or swimming. Squats, lunges and tricep dips are also a great introduction to resistance training for diabetic health, she says. Try Joe Wicks’ free Absolute beginner HIIT workout from YouTube.

Inflammation caused by intensive continuous exercise can make your body age more quickly, so take time to recover during the week.

5. Switch Your Soap

‘Dry, cracked skin can be made worse by sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and alcohol in hand products,’ explains Charlotte Vohtz, founder of the skincare brand Green People. Try products that are free from ethanol and has antiseptic tea tree and manuka oils.

6. Count Colours, Not Calories

Well, this sounds like a lot more fun and a lot less faff. The idea? Having a wide variety of colours on your plate means you’re consuming lots of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. ‘We’re creatures of habit,’ says nutritionist Lily Soutter. ‘If we’re not mindful of what we eat, we can easily consume the same things for days on end. If your plate is a rainbow of colours, however, you know you’re eating optimally for your health.’

7. Have a Set Sleep Routine

‘Set your alarm for the same time each morning, even after a late night,’ say Doctors. Why? ‘Having a lie-in resets your sleep cycle and decreases your need to steep. Consistency will improve sleep quality and ensure you start the year off with the right amount.

8. Give Lube a Try

You may have banished this particular extra to the sex sidelines around the time taken. That were initially hitting the charts, but you could be missing out. ‘Use it for a sensual massage,’ suggests sex and relationship experts. It’s fantastic foreplay doesn’t require a lot of energy and it’s great for creating an intimate bond between you and your partner.

9. Eat Earlier for Diabetic Health

A huge percentage of Americans suffer from heartburn. To stay indigestion free, nutritionists recommend avoiding eating less than three hours before going to bed. ‘Lying down too soon after a meal tilts the stomach so acid is able to spill into your oesophagus. This is a common cause of heartburn.

10. Do Something NEAT

Structured exercise think – hitting the gym or going for a run is great, but often it isn’t enough to make a real change to your health and fitness, says head of fitness at Anytime Fitness. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) — everything we do that’s not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise can help top up our activity levels and beat the number of calories we burn at the gym. Just by moving around and being on our feet, we could zap an extra the lawn or changing 2,000 calories a day. Just think, we only burn 300-400 calories after a punishing hour on the exercise bike.

Top Up Your Neat Time for Diabetic Health

  • Take the stairs.
  • Do your own chores such as mowing the lawn or changing bedclothes.
  • Go grocery shopping instead of ordering online.

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