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Five Steps to Holistic Diabetic Care

Don’t waste your time on the bad, only live the good.
holistic care
No more ‘sadi-betes’

1. Journal writing.

Buy yourself a book that you can write in and set aside ten minutes a day or one day a week to express your feelings. At night-time set a ritual to light a candle and write a page or two, particularly when you are feeling junked up emotionally. Sometimes the pages are full of your diabetic concerns, anger or resentment and on others you may be grateful. You will find it helps to release pent-up emotions and by the time you finish writing, a solution appears to your problems. Also, colour and draw in your journal. Do not correct‚ or censor yourself. The idea is to expose consciously or subconsciously what is holding you back. Try writing questions with your dominant hand and then answering them with your non-dominant hand. You’d be surprised at what could appear. 

holistic care
Diabetes care needs more than drugs. There is a holistic approach for diabetics living with their illness.

2. Body scanning.

Heal your diabetes and your body by focusing and breathing in and start to feel where you might be holding tension. Notice where there is tightness or a sensation of holding things that may be blocking you. By simply breathing into those parts and visualising the pain shrinking it will begin to release the tension you were experiencing.

holistic care
There is evidence that shows how a healthy lifestyle and mindset can have a positive impact on how people deal with their diagnosis.

3. Meditation.

Start by becoming aware of the simple act of breathing, which is essential to meditating practices. It is the doorway to your conscious, subconscious and the unconscious that connects you deeply with your interior being but, more importantly, to your heart. The minute you wake up, or before bed, give yourself a few minutes to breathe and get in touch with your body and engage with yourself. Find a quiet, comfortable chair so you are sitting with your back straight yet relaxed. Have your feet flat on the floor, making sure nothing is crossed so that energy can flow freely. Sit with your hands in your lap‚ palms up and face looking straight ahead or slightly tilted upwards. 

Breathe deeply from your diaphragm and exhale. As you breathe follow your breath in your body, comfortably inhaling and exhaling. At first it may be hard to quiet your mind but persevere in time you will be better at settling your diabetes.

holistic care
Why is there a necessity for holistic care.

4. The natural world.

Nature always brings you back to a place of balance. Rain or shine, spend countless hours walking and it will always give you an appreciation of the simple things in life. Walk with purpose. Set your intentions with each step you take and release your emotions through your feet into the ground. By the end of your walk you will be left with a feeling of wellbeing. 

holistic care
Holistic treatment deals with the entire person.

5. Noticing rewards.

As we learn to love ourselves and trust the quiet inner voice that speaks to us from the heart, you’ll find you’re making better choices. This will lead you to feeling more empowered and liberated. lt is a building block to becoming more grounded, living in the moment, being present and authentic. Very quickly, you will begin to notice that you have more inner peace, more clarity and a new sense of freedom.

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