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A Week Free of Sugar

Catch on!
Can you lose weight by cutting out sugar?

Day 1 – You almost put sugar in your tea, but catch yourself. It tastes bitter and the porridge is bland, but you make it through the day.

How do you cut sugar out of your diet?

Day 2 – You feel tired, but when a birthday cake is passed around the office, you think about the taste of cabbage and decline.

DAY 3 – You slip up when you eat a chocolate digestive. lt tastes too sweet and you don’t enjoy it, so you vow not to give in again.

DAY 4 – The next time you feel tempted, imagine yourself in the near future, feeling happy. The image gives you a boost and you eat a few almonds instead of a biscuit.

What can I eat that has no sugar?

DAY 5 – You look at labels on ready-meals and notice how many contain sugar. The easiest way to avoid them is to eat home-cooked food, so you freeze batches of meals and left overs for when you need a fast dinner.

DAY 6 – You write a journal of what you are eating, the times you are tempted and the techniques you find helpful. lt makes you more aware of the link between your moods and your eating habits.

Is it good to use sugar free for weight loss?

DAY 7 – You get used to the taste of your tea or porridge and your cravings are virtually gone. Your skin looks clearer and your energy levels are more stable.

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