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Homemade Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs

Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs Homemade 1
Check yourself! Don’t wreck yourself!

The words “Diabetic “and “Chocolate Easter Eggs” are not contradictions in terms.  Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs are being manufactured and are for sale in some stores.

Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs Homemade 2
This is because sugar can raise your blood sugar levels.

Caveat Emptor: Read the ingredients’ labels on food products very carefully before you eat.  Please be aware of the types of sweetener available. Saccharine and other artificial sweeteners have been found to have very serious health risks.

Introducing: Stevia, the generic name for a product available in some health food shops and supermarkets is a safe sugar substitute.

Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs Homemade 3
The concept of a special ‘diabetic diet’ has been replaced with guidelines on healthy eating and specially tailored eating plans for each person with diabetes.

People in Brazil and Paraguay have used stevia leaves as a sweetener for centuries and have used it medicinally as a tonic, for hypertension and acidity. Now the extract of sweet leaves is produced and sold in powder form. The active compounds of stevia are called steviol glycosides, stevioside and rebaudioside.

Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs Homemade 4
We can dia-beat-this!

Would you like to make Diabetic Easter Eggs at home? Buy some Easter egg moulds. Melt dark chocolate or cocoa nibs with cocoa butter in a balmory. Add a little edible orange oil and stevia powder.  Add according to your taste.  Mix. Remember less is more. Place melted chocolate in the oiled moulds and place in the fridge.  When the chocolate shells have solidified, brush warm melted chocolate on the edge of the shells and place the 2 halves of the chocolate eggshells together.

Here is a homemade artisanal chocolate diabetic friendly Easter Egg.

Diabetic Chocolate Easter Eggs Homemade 5
If you get the sugar free chocolate and you want to eat it, remember to read the warnings about excessive consumption.

Want the taste of chocolate balls without too much hassle? This recipe is gluten free, dairy free and sugar-free. Mix freshly grated or desiccated coconut with cocoa powder, a little organic coconut oil and water, organic vanilla essence, cinnamon powder, stevia to taste and a pinch of salt. Mix into balls and put in the freezer.  Munch whenever. Happy Easter!!!

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