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Manage Diabetes with Myofascial Release to Help Keep Pain at Bay

What is a myofascial release massage?

For years I worked in various desk jobs and in my spare time, did a lot of sport, such as rugby and long-distance running but because I wasn’t very body aware, I didn’t do any stretching or look after myself.

Eventually, I developed awful back pain and a slipped disc. l had surgery, which went well, but the resulting internal scar tissue caused more problems. My backache continued and the pain travelled into my hip and leg.

What does self myofascial release mean?

Medically, as far as the experts were concerned, I was fine because the slipped disc had been repaired and the pain was niggly rather than debilitating. So I simply took painkillers and got on with life.

Then I started having regular massages to keep the pain at bay and decided to train as a massage therapist in 2005.

What are the benefits of Self Myofascial Release?

Once qualified, I came across a technique called myofascial release a gentle hands on therapy which works on the body’s fascia — the main connective tissue that wraps around and through everything: your cells, muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves.

The technique helped lessen my pain, so I retrained and have specialised in it for the past 10 years. I see people with a wide variety of pain conditions, especially headaches and migraines, shoulder, back and jaw pain. Sessions are 55 minutes and I teach clients self help techniques (stretching and breathing exercises and self-massage), so they can help themselves at home. They usually see an improvement after four to six sessions.

I follow my own advice and have eradicated my back pain with just 20 minutes a day of stretches, exercises and self massage myofascial release.

E265 – Manage Diabetes with Myofascial Release to Help Keep Pain at Bay –

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