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What does NLP mean for the Diabetic?


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) knowledge and skill is often used by Diabetes professionals like GP’s and Diabetes Nurses on diabetic patients. It has been positively concluded that this technique has led to clinical improvements in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

(NLP) is basically a collection of tools and techniques that help people change their thought process and behaviour to solve problems and achieve goals, particularly in areas such as weight loss, giving up sugar or smoking.

People use it a lot in sport and business. Neuro Linguistic Programming is particularly useful for communication. We see many people with work and family problems, health and health management issues and a lot of those are down to difficulties with communicating and getting their point across, whilst getting your concerns out. NLP helps people let go of the past and not build up a big bank of all the things someone’s done wrong, particularly in families and health issues that impact families . It’s about moving forward, not looking back.

When we came across Neuro Linguistic Programming we were amazed at how useful it was and how people can learn to solve their own issues without spending years talking about their past or their childhood. NLP experts say, this is so refreshing you can actually move forward without having to go on a massive clean up.

NLP experts are usually qualified psychotherapists with years of experience. They see patients privately or run training courses for business clients.

The reputation problem that Neuro Linguistic Programming often has is that some practitioners think they know more than they do and try to do things outside their remit. It’s not a therapy, like CBT. NLP is just a collection of tools and techniques.

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