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Osteopathy for Chronic Pain that Affects Family and Life Relationships


Osteopathy is a system of primary healthcare that uses manual ‘hands-on’ treatment techniques to treat disorders originating from the  neuro-musculo-skeletal system. An example of diabetic osteopathy is charcot’s disease. In a diabetic patient this presents itself as a warm swollen foot or ankle. Often misdiagnosed as cellulites, this affects ankle, subtalar, mid-tarsal joints and severe peripheral neuropathy is nearly always present.

An osteopath will look at the whole body. I trained as an osteopath four years ago after suffering my own health issues. I was in my final year at university when I started getting pain throughout my body, including migraines alongside brain fog and insomnia. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a long term condition that causes pain throughout the body. I spent several years hopping from practitioner to practitioner, trying to find someone to help me. The best relief I found was Osteopathy and an injection called Prolozone. Developed in America, it involves the injection of medical ozone and nutrients to help repair cartilage, muscles and tendons by stimulating stem-cell production.

Both helped reduce my pain and turned my life around. So I decided to train as an osteopath myself, because I knew what a difference it could make and I wanted to know more. I qualified in 2013 and opened clinics in major cities.

I started investigating Prolozone, going to America to train in the injections and then returning to the UK to offer the treatment at my clinics. Most of the patients I see are struggling with knee arthritis and headaches or migraine. There’s not much help in the health systems for migraine and people are looking for alternatives to knee surgery.

Patients usually need a course of about six injections, but as an osteopath, I actually look at the whole body and help educate the patient in what they can do at home with
simple stretches and exercises, to help maintain results from the treatment.

It’s rewarding to see results. Pain takes over people’s lives. I see patients where it affects family life and relationships, as well as altering personality because they can’t sleep. Watching someone break free from that is most rewarding.

E271 – Osteopathy for Chronic Pain that Affects Family and Life Relationships –

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