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Shit Happens. Spirituality

Spirituality can be defined as experiencing the manifestation of a power or force and facing a closeness to that manifestation.
Man is a trinity that is composed of the Body (Physical), the Mind (Mental), and the Spirit (Spiritual). These 3 factors work in harmony to help you optimize your potential. If one of these three factors is “sick” or out of sync with the other two, this renders the whole being to be sick.
Holistic medicine is not a novel concept. Socrates stated that it was vital to treat the body as a whole when he wrote, “For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” There is an ancient Indian saying that states that the body is like a house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual room. To be a whole person, one must spend a little bit of time in each of these four rooms on a daily basis. For instance, our physical needs are gratified by food and sleep; knowledge about the world and insightfully applying that knowledge enhances our minds. Corroborating and dealing with our feelings fulfills our emotional needs. Our spiritual needs must also be addressed.
Holistic principles promote a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to wellbeing that could considerably enrich diabetes self-care management. 21878859955_4041c2bb16
As with any disease, after many years of fighting, you can become physically drained because your body has become weak. Consequently, you also become emotionally and spiritually tired; as a result, you lose hope and resign yourself to the fact that the best you can do is to live with the disease, namely diabetes in this case. This can be very discouraging and a very difficult period to overcome emotionally. As a result of this you may tend to withdraw from family and friends and feel alone and afraid often.
Only a strong belief in a power like spirituality, that is greater than yourself can give you the faith, the confidence and mettle to fight for your life instead of giving in to the inevitable life of insulin injections, kidney failure/dialysis and amputation. Acceptance about spirituality and its principles will give you the faith and belief to take on the responsibility of your health problems and take constructive steps. You will have the power from within, to resist negative influences that will deter you from making healthy choices.
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