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Best Skin Tweakments for Diabetics

No more ‘Sadi-betes’


Have you ever considered having a bit of “work” done?

“Tweakments” are the future. We’re not talking surgical intervention, but lighter adjustments, like a biannual “sprinkle of Botox”. A new term that’s been coined is pre-juvenation. You start relatively mild, so sun protection, retinoid creams, fillers, botulins (Botox) and gentle lasers. You want to stimulate the skin with small amounts of treatment and maintain it over time. There has been a distinct growth in the demand for treatments with little or no downtime, like gentle peels. Treatments that can be speedily performed post-work without sacrificing on results are key. Fast, discreet, fit-around-your needs tweaks. It’s a tempting proposition, so let’s dig a little deeper to find out more. The below treatments are safe for diabetics.


Alexandrite laser – A precise fix for that age spot you always notice in photos (and wish you could airbrush out), Alexandrite lasers work by blasting intense light into skin to break up the pigment. You’ll see noticeable fading after one session but might need up to three for complete clarity. You will find that it is fast and comfortable: pop on a pair of goggles, hear a beep, see a blast of light from a little pen-like device then feel a little pinprick as the laser enters your skin. You‘ll need to avoid the sun afterwards and might have redness or scabbing, but there’s no real downtime.


Fillers – Like Botox, these have a bit of a rep, but in the right hands will keep everyone guessing. They’ re made with hyluronic acid, which instantly pumps up those cheeks and deep nose-to-mouth lines. The jabs contain an anaesthetic, the procedure takes minutes and you’ll see an immediate plumpping.  Results will last up to a year.


Polycaprolactone – Try saying that after a glass of wine! This is the new injectable which is most exciting. It contains micro spheres of Polycaprolactone, which acts as an immediate volume replacement filler and as it dissolves‚ those little micro spheres stimulate collagen production. Age-giveaway hands can really benefit from this. It’s fast and fairly painless like other injectables and can be customised to work just about anywhere on your face or body with results lasting between one and four years.


PRP therapy – Sounds icky, but bear with us. A small amount of your blood is “spun” to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is then re-injected so natural growth factors create brighter, smoother new tissue underneath. Visit an eye guru for Triple Boost Hydrabright, a combination of HA fillers, PRP and Mesotherapy vitamin injections. It’s a little nippy, as you’d expect in the eye area and any spare plasma is massaged in after the jab. The results are good though, an instant improvement in dark circles and lines, with even better results showing a fortnight later.


Fractional lasers – Fractional lasers cause mini “injuries” to skin’s upper and lower layers using heat, so it repairs itself by producing new collagen. It is more targeted than traditional lasers, except a week’s worth in flakiness in exchange for fresh bouncy texture that keeps improving for up to a year. This is a bespoke course of fractional laser brightening intense pulsed light (IPL) and firming radio frequency.


New-gen Botox – We’ve all seen dodgy Botox, but the good stuff is undetectable. Temporarily relaxing line-forming muscles for upto six months. The treatment is quick, about ten minutes. You’ll feel a little nip from the needle then carry an as normal as wrinkles eerily vanish over the next three days. So where do you find this “good” Botox? A great doctor. Personal recommendations are crucial. If a friend’s tried and loved it, ask for a name and an in-depth consultation. We highly rate the just launched Botox Pen, a tiny motorised syringe that promises half the pain and better accuracy.


Cool Sculpting – Blitzes body fat without scary scalpels. Small areas of excess bulge‚ in our case on the lower back are pulled into a hoover-like nozzle and held for an hour at -1OC {cold enough for fat cells to die, but not others). Meanwhile you relax with blankets and a cup of mint tea feeling nothing but numbness until it’s time for a vigorous massage, which does hurt a little. Worth it, though, as up to 40% fat in the area disappears over the next 90 days. The even more exciting but also slightly more ouchy, the new Cool Mini is perfect for smaller areas like double chins.

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