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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction


Having a normal, satisfying and exciting sex life, is what everyone hopes, wishes and prays for. Being diabetic is no exception. For men, their sex life and their performance in bed is very important. It greatly relates to how they view themselves.

To get and sustain an erection, men require healthy blood vessels, nerves, male hormones, a desire to be sexually motivated and seduction. Unfortunately, it has been found that diabetic males are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This basically translates to the inability to attain or withstand an erection appropriate for sexual intercourse.

Studies have suggested that about 35%-75% of diabetic males will experience erectile dysfunction or impotence at least to some extent in the course of their life.


The causes of ED in diabetic men are complicated and involve a multitude of reasons. Having diabetes could lead to damage to the blood vessels and nerves that regulate erection.  So even if the urge to have sex is there and the male hormones required for the act are in abundance, getting a firm erection to implement and execute the sexual act is not a given. ED has also been found to be associated with a variety of other conditions prevalent in diabetic men like high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Our current fast paced lifestyle is also not diabetes conducive as it results in obesity and because most people lead a sedentary lifestyle and get no exercise. So lifestyle changes are a must.

Having ED can be very challenging. It can result in you and partner experiencing frustrations and feelings of discouragement. Sharing with your partner first and foremost is most important and then definitely consult your doctor. This is absolutely necessary to get the zing back in your ling!

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