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Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Upto 70% of people with diabetes have nerve damage which impacts the neurological response and limits the signal to increase arterial blood flow – Diabetes Induced Erectile Dysfunction (DIED)

How important is the association between erectile dysfunction or what is more commonly called male impotence and diabetes? It is estimated that probably the majority of men will suffer from this condition at some stage in their lives and that for some of them this is a condition that doesn’t last for long and goes away just as it came, without any obvious reason and all on its own. 

What is well known, is that it is more likely, much more likely, if you have diabetes. To get an erection, requires blood flow into the tissues of the penis. If the blood flow is restricted, then the chances of an erection happening are also restricted.

One of the complications of diabetes is the effect that it has on blood vessels and therefore, if you have diabetes it makes you more likely to suffer from this condition and this is the important point – if you have diabetes which has not been well controlled, it makes you much more likely to suffer from this condition of erectile dysfunction.

We know that these days there are very effective drugs that you can use to help the condition and all you have to do is ask for them. This means you have to talk to your partner about it and you have to share this condition you have to try and overcome that sensitivity, that embarrassment and seek proper medical advice.

You have to do something else too. You have to look back at your diabetes and think – is there a reason, particularly why, this has happened? Is it due to my diabetes not being well controlled and more importantly is my diabetes management looking forward, not back – what can I do in the future to make sure that I minimize that risk and preserve my health to avoid set-backs like erectile dysfunction.

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