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Diabetes and Vaginal Dryness

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When you have diabetes and are suffering from a ‘taboo’ problem like vaginal dryness, it can dent your self confidence and impair your enjoyment of both everyday and extra special moments… but there are solutions and you don’t have to cope alone!

How does diabetes affect you sexually?

We all know there are certain things that absolutely should not be discussed at the dinner table or at parties, ofcourse you wouldn’t want to start relating your problems with menopause symptoms in public… but are you keeping silent in private too? In case of vaginal dryness, a little bit of openness can go a long way towards improving your quality of life.

What are the symptoms?

Vaginal dryness can affect women of any age, although it is most common for post menopausal women aged between 51 and 64. You’ve probably heard the term “sandpaper sex” and that’s a pretty good description of the discomfort you may feel during sex, but symptoms might include:

  • Irritation and discomfort – not just during sex but throughout the day – whether you’re exercising, walking, standing or even just sitting.
  • Vaginal itching.

No wonder then that all this can have a real impact on your Quality of life!

You’re not alone!

Over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51 and 60 years old experience vaginal changes during menopause. So, in all likelihood many of your friends of your generation may be suffering from vaginal dryness symptoms.

Women’s Sexual Dysfunction

Why do you have vaginal dryness?

Lower oestrogen levels that come with pre-menopause and menopause lead to thinning of the vaginal wall, reduced moisture and inflammation. Unfortunately, many doctors won’t ask specifically about vaginal dryness. Which is why it is so much more important for you to talk about it with your doctor and ask for help and support.

Any changes to your body can leave you feeling worried, confused and self-conscious, but this is especially the case when it comes to vaginal health. Sadly many of us are suffering in silence with only a quarter of women with these problems actually seeking treatment.

In addition to diabetes…

Menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness aren’t necessarily something you should share with everyone but when you are open with a few intimate friends it makes the condition seem more manageable.

The next step is raising the issue problems with a doctor or pharmacist:

  • Admit your embarrassment to signpost that you’re feeling sensitive. This is a bit of a taboo topic with my friends/family, so I find this difficult to talk about, but my vagina is painfully dry.
  • Practice saying the words, if you’ve never said the word vagina out loud, no wonder you might be embarrassed. Say it out loud beforehand when you’re on your own and it’ll make it easier to say when you’re at the doctors.
  • Remember that your doctor or pharmacist is there to help you, not to judge you. They really have heard it all before and more! No professional is going to think less of you for asking an “embarrassing” medical question; in fact, they’ll think more of you for taking charge of your health.

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Confusion around symptoms can lead women to misdiagnose themselves and buy the wrong treatment. While there is no cure, you do not need to suffer in silence, as symptoms can be effectively soothed and treated. Lubricants, vaginal moisturizers and oestrogen therapy are some of the solutions that can help address vaginal dryness.

Remember, frequent monitoring of your blood glucose and keeping it under tight control is crucial to prevent or delay diabetes complications such as vaginal dryness.

GPs recommended vaginal moisturizer, providing immediate and longer lasting relief from symptoms of vaginal dryness such as itching, irritation and discomfort. Clinically tested, this gel soothes and treats symptoms, delivering continuous moisture for up to three days of relief with just one application. It provides soothing moisture to dry vaginal cells and continues to help replenish moisture. Used regularly, also helps increase the elasticity of the vaginal lining cells and helps to maintain vaginal health.

Oestrogen and fragrance free products are safe to use, with no known side effects.

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