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erectile dysfunction

ED Calmer Sutra.

Drop Yourself In It Every Now And Again.
Follow the protocol.
Growns-ups must confront ED. Let’s learn about loving.
Our parents teach us to eat, dress and behave in public; our teachers teach us to read. We learn courtesies and how to be considerate of others. What about the difficult things in life?
In America alone it is estimated that almost 50 million adult men experience some erectile dysfunction. That’s close to half of all adult men in America. Many countries have similar statistics.
Then we become adults and we want to engage in sexual intimacy. From whom do we learn? Having common sense is very useful. Before making love when there is an ED issue, sometimes one needs more information and assistance. By exploring one’s own body to discover one’s own pleasure, one may interact in a more satisfying way with a lover.
The sex therapist may advise masturbation in a quiet private room. The therapist may prescribe soft lighting, scented candles, sultry music and pleasant temperature. In this way, one may learn how to please oneself sensually with fingers or vibrators. For example, some people have very sensitive inner thighs. Massage techniques are very useful for exploring erogenous zones. The use of aromatic oil may stimulate the senses more. Self-knowledge is very important in order to achieve sexual climax. This is one way to prepare oneself for sharing pleasure with another. Self-pleasure and sharing pleasure may be taught.
So when lovers join in sexual activity they may share each others’ pleasure even if there is ED and diabetes. Diabetics may slip creamy avocado over their lover’s skin and this provides the opportunity to lick the body of the lover. Watermelon juice or sparkling water with bubbles may tickle the fancy. Share a bath tub: without experimentation one may not know possible pleasures.
So if one is committed to having a healthy and satisfying experience with another especially if he or she is diabetic and has ED, one needs to study the craft of love.
E144 – Calmer Sutra for ED –
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