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Fitness Kamasutra Bi-Weekly Treat

Fitness kamasutra is the new exercise craze, combining the philosophies of yoga with the pleasures of sex, that you may continue otherwise guilt-free because you won’t exercise. So, here are some exercise and work-out tips for diabetes.

Fitness Kamasutra and yoga will add spice to your intimate life. Yoga is kamasutra without a partner, then why not make it a point to master new poses for your absolute erotic pleasure, to take your sexual activity to the ultimate level. Your desire for love-making and the best workout, all balled up into one big event, atleast twice a week and there’s nothing else like it!

If you hate to and won’t exercise regularly, here’s your chance to reclaim health and desire, using this time and advantage with your partner to get fit naturally, in bed, doing what you love most.

There are 64 positions in the kamasutra and you can use these as strength and stretch exercises (neck, spine, chest and lungs), especially if you are over 50. It may not always be easy to get in the mood, so it is never a bad idea to start out with a slow, erotic tantric massage and ofcourse the right mood music.

You can start with the 6 basic intimacy positions and continually explore more as you get further in your mission with erotic workouts. There are also yoga positions that boost libido and that is a must-explore with your partner, so both can enjoy better sex.

Fitness kamasutra through yoga increases lung capacity, helps digestion, increases metabolism and oxygen to the brain. It helps peace of mind, reduces stress, decreases lactic acid in muscle and alleviates joint pains. It increases arm strength while decreasing heart risk. You should notice an immediate improvement in flexibility and stamina.

When yoga becomes fitness kamasutra, you’ve probably had one hell of a day 😉

E330 – Fitness Kamasutra Bi-Weekly Treat –

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