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Male sexual dysfunction

International Men’s Day, Today

TextArt_151119190930Lets celebrate men and their health and wellbeing because today is International Men’s Day.  Lets talk about how to combat male sexual dysfunction.
Men’s sense of wellbeing is closely linked with sexual health. Sexual health is achieved with good physical health, good food and regular exercise. Self-esteem and self-confidence comes with sexual prowess.
There are 5 areas of life which all need to be in balance; and these are:-
1) career 
2) physical
3) emotional
4) family commitments 
5) self
The best way of achieving maximum all-round health is to pay attention to these 5 areas of one’s life.  Career satisfaction needs some planning and fore-thought. Being contented in one’s job is important. Recognising that a job is not fulfilling is an important step to deciding how to prepare oneself to find a better position. Setting aside time to consider what is the best direction job-wise and the best way of achieving the desired results is important. Feeling good in life is the goal.
TextArt_151119191534Physical exercise gives one a chance to re-vitalise blood circulation and refresh the body’s organs and feel virile. Again, time needs to be set aside for sports activity on a regular basis. Gyms are very convenient if there is time crunch in the busy daily schedule. Distance running, cycling or swimming may be the favoured activity.  It is recommended that one does the type of exercise one enjoys. Feeling good in life is the goal.
Emotional life and family harmony issues mesh with each other. Emotional honesty is very important here. Understanding one’s feelings is necessary. Sometimes family problems need discussion and resolution. Look at life in its totality and keep reviewing and updating. Feeling good in life is the goal.
A confident self image and feeling good about oneself comes with keeping one’s whole-self in balance. Finally, physical hygiene and good well-fitting clothing (not super tight clothes made of unhealthy fabric) is a magic bullet. Wise choices about one’s friendships cannot be over-emphasized. Prescription drugs, substance and alcohol abuse is clearly not conducive to good sexual functioning. Sensible eating patterns and good regular sleep promote health. And if all this fails, then one needs to seek medical attention.
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