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Love in the time of ED
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Love in the Time of ED

Love in the Time of ED
Erectile Dysfunction
As men reach midlife, their bodies start producing less testosterone than earlier. With the natural decrease in this  hormonal  production, many unpleasant symptoms manifest. Male mid-life is often associated with feelings of fatigue, depression, irritability, memory loss and poor concentration. It affects mental and physical health.
Testosterone is responsible for strong libido and a feeling of powerful and assertive behaviour. Once the blood levels of this hormone starts reducing, the sexual responses become less urgent. However, make no mistake, the desire for sexual intercourse with a woman is never far from his mind. Even though the hormone levels have reduced, it does not mean the libido has disappeared.   By the time a man reaches ‘manopause’, he has learnt how to please a woman. He knows seduction and intimacy and is in no hurry to ejaculate. His hormonal situation ensures this.
Troubles with Testosterone
Pre-orgasmic suggestions work wonders
Young women who are exploring their sexuality enjoy guidance sometimes. This explains in part why younger women form sexual relationships with older men. An older man may climax slowly and while doing so can give his lover clitoral and vaginal pleasure.  The older man is comfortable and knowledgeable. He is secure in his nakedness and his understanding of human anatomy. He is no longer anxious and timid about performing sexually for his partner.
If an older man has a (younger or older) lover who is comfortable about his less frequent male orgasms (and why would she not be?) he may have a very satisfying sex life. Women have so many ways of being aroused and can achieve two types of orgasms. There is no limit to how often she can climax and she does need her partner to climax at the same time. A mature man will find sexual and emotional pleasure in seeing his woman enjoy their sexual encounter. He will achieve orgasm in his own good time.
Read The Signs
Read The Signs
E95 – Love in the Time of ED –
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