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Diabetes and Romantic Relationships
No More 'Sadi-betes'

Romance. Just What You Need. Someone To Milk And Brand You.

Diabetes and Romantic Relationships
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Being in a romantic relationship is healthy and very much needed! Just because one is diabetic, does not mean that one cannot or should not be involved in a romantic relationship. Just as normal relationships are based on feelings of trust, caring, security, and love, this is no different.
What do we seek in a relationship? We want our partner to accept us and love us for whom we are. Being diagnosed with diabetes is not in our control. We also want the same things in a relationship – support and acceptance from our partner. To receive this support and acceptance, first we as a patient need to be aware of the disease and accept the disease and only then can we have expectations from our partners. First and foremost, think of how diabetes affects you and how it affects others. If you are the significant other that is worried about your loved one’s health, speak up. If you are the partner that requires more encouragement, express it. You can write a note, text a message, WhatsApp or send an email.
Diabetes and Romantic Relationships
We can dia-beat-this!
In relation to diabetes, think of what could make the relationship better? What needs to be shared? What would you like your partner to do or not do? Remember, no one can go into your head and mind read your expectations. Express and communicate openly.
Satisfying relationships provide a sense of wellbeing, security, understanding, love, fun, pleasure and happiness. Having happy and healthy relationships have dual benefits. It is not only beneficial for the soul but also good for the body. Research has shown that people in satisfying relationships generally have better physical health, including a more resilient immune system, less drug and alcohol abuse, better sleeping patterns, lower blood pressure, stronger cardiovascular health, and improved aptitude for handling stress.
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