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Sugar will Wreck Your Sex Drive

What’s the biggest culprit that knocks sex hormones out of balance and makes you lose your sex drive and ability?

Sugar! That’s right, excessive sugar can wreck your sex life. Sugar lowers testosterone, it reduces growth hormone production. It also creates leptin resistance and makes you tired as well as triggering stress and anxiety.

Let’s talk about testosterone first. Excessive amounts of sugar lowers testosterone and that’s the hormone which is responsible for sexual well-being and muscle mass. When a man’s testosterone levels are low, he gains excess body fat and increases his levels of oestrogen which can even make him grow breasts.

Now all of this leads to low sex drive and trouble getting erections. Imbalance levels of testosterone in women can reduce desire, can increase body fat, lowers muscle mass and creates a fuzzy memory. Too much sugar for women also leads to acne, facial hairs and loss of hair on their head. So by the time men and women are 65 and they keep eating sugar, they look about the same now.

Growth hormone is your fountain of youth hormone that helps your body maintain muscle mass, helps you burn and utilize fat and maintains libido or your sex drive.

Researchers found a direct link between growth hormone, insulin levels and sexual function. Insulin reduces your body’s ability to make growth hormone which then in turn alters your testosterone levels and reduces libido or your sex drive.

Another important hormone is leptin, that tells your brain to stop eating and monitors your sexual behaviour.

When you eat a lot of sugar, processed foods and flour, leptin doesn’t work anymore. Your body still produces leptin but your brain doesn’t hear its call and eventually becomes leptin resistant which can then lead to a higher body mass index or extra weight gain and that lowers testosterone levels.

Now onto feeling tired, you ever eat a big piece of chocolate cake and you feel full but then an hour later, you crave another piece even though you feel crummy. That’s the feeling of your blood sugar crashing which leads to hunger cravings, brain fog and a definite not in the mood feeling.

Why does that happen? It happens because sugar and other high glycemic carbs  increase your blood sugar. Insulin works to pull it back down. Insulin usually overcompensates, your blood sugar drops to low, then you get hungry, cravings and then you get tired.

So how do you revive your sex drive? Choose low glycemic real foods including vegetables, fruits, legumes, non-gluten grains, nuts and seeds and high quality animal protein.

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