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Adolescence and Diabetes
Adolescence and Diabetes
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Sorry Kids, It’s In The Calender

Adolescence and Diabetes

Adolescence is the period- when kids sprout up, fill up and maybe even mouth off. Teens at this stage are on an emotional rollercoaster and we are along for the ride whether we like it or not.

Teens are at a time in their lives when emotions can overwhelm them and they don’t know what to do with these strong feelings. Physically they are also changing. Adolescence is that period between childhood and adult responsibilities, fraught with uncertainty, confusion, defiance and rebellion.

Classic adolescent lifestyle concerns and poses many challenges that are further complicated when teens have diabetes. As the teenager is struggling through the typical developmental demands of adolescence, the stresses of diabetes also pulls the teen in different directions.

Adolescence is the stage wherein it is normal for teenagers to feel self-conscious about personal appearance. Teens do not want to stand out and be different, they want to be accepted and be part of the peer group. However, diabetes expects obvious ID tags.

Adolescence is a period where it is normal for teens to move towards becoming independent. They want to make their own choices and decisions. Yet diabetes demands a certain amount of dependence on parents and health care experts. Adolescent diabetics need to stick to a meal plan. In defiance, teens may neglect meals, skip shots and refuse diabetes care.Adolescence DiabetesDuring adolescence, teens are more drawn to their peer group vis-a-vis parents. So sometimes, these teens give their friends more importance over their diabetes care, they may try to hide the fact that they are diabetic, in order to fit in and appear normal.

Adolescence is a tough phase to navigate for teenagers and being saddled with diabetes makes the journey much more difficult. So it is very important to educate, make teens aware and more importantly, give them unconditional support so they are more confident to deal with this condition.

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