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Diabetes and the Growing Steroid Habit
Muscle and Backbone of Integrity

Are You Poor In Rocket Fuel and Steroids?

Diabetic Coach
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Adolescent boys and young men, all want to look muscular, have a 6-pack abdomen and beefed up upper body. When this does not happen naturally, they look at achieving this through illegal and unnatural means. Basically, through the use of steroids. This desire to look good for the opposite sex also holds true for diabetic adolescents and young males. They too are tempted to experiment with steroids to attain the “right” look… too soon… too fast, resulting in serious health complications and mental health repercussions.
Anabolic steroids are known to boost muscle mass and increase physical strength, making them appealing to young males and athletes. They help reduce body fat significantly and give the user a sense of ecstasy and heightened self-esteem. Some people perceive that these steroids make them more attractive to the opposite sex.
Regrettably, as with any steroid or drug, there are various harmful side effects that are possible with their misuse or abuse. These include heart attack and stroke, liver cancer, non-reversible voice deepening in females, irreversible baldness and breast development in males etc. Psychologically, these people are at higher risk for depression, suffer from withdrawal symptoms, excessive anxiety, fatigue, and restlessness.
Diabetes and the Growing Steroid Habit
“We Can Dia-beat-this!”
Specifically for diabetics, steroid misuse can result in severe harm. It can play havoc with blood sugar, and blood pressure levels. While there is no evidence of the effects of anabolic steroid use in athletes with Type 1 Diabetes, an article in Diabetes Spectrum states: “Due to the systemic disturbances associated with the use of these drugs, athletes with Type 1 Diabetes should not experiment with them.” In fact, it is not wise for anyone to experiment with steroids.
The widespread use of steroids, has resulted in many illegal laboratories sprouting globally. They are designed solely to cater to the ever increasing demand of illegal steroids for this mushrooming business.
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