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Diabetes and Power of Prayers. wellbeing

Because I Talk To God.

Diabetes and Power of Prayers
Prayer can be defined as communication with God, the creator of life, the collective unconscious, or one’s higher self.
The power of prayer should not be underestimated. Prayer is the path through which people convey their belief or faith in the almighty.  God most certainly listens to prayers, answers prayers, and moves in reply to prayers.
Diabetes and Power of Prayers
Recent studies in the arena of mind/body medicine, has indicated that the mind can and does have a profound influence on the body. Meditation, guided imagery, positive outlook, humor, hope and even one’s beliefs can all affect medical outcomes.
Maybe the growing acceptance of including the mind in the wellbeing process has paved the way for mainstream scientists to begin to take a serious look at the role of spirituality and prayer. Some studies have indicated that prayer can have an effect, both on individuals who pray for themselves, as well as on those who are prayed for by others (even without their knowledge).
Sometimes, having diabetes makes the person feel alone, cut off from others. They often have feelings and thoughts like “why me?” or “what did I do to deserve this?” Having a positive connect with god through prayers, makes these people feel anchored. They believe that there is a power out there who is looking out for them. By regularly praying, they not only have less time to dwell on negativities in relation to their condition, they also have hope. Hope is a very strong and positive emotion that can make a person optimistic about the future. Being optimistic compels the person to be more efficient in relation to managing the disease, be proactive in relation to self-care, taking proper medication, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and being more vigilant in relation to blood sugar levels.
Diabetes and Power of Prayers
So, those who incorporate prayer into the fabric of their daily lives, maybe better equipped to enhance diabetes self-management and in turn, general wellness.
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