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Diabetes Management – An Excuse, a Reason or Brutal Honesty

diabetes management
Diabetes is the fastest growing pandemic
diabetes management
What is diabetes management?

You deserve a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Many of us don’t believe we deserve this. Once you understand that you do, every choice you make to be healthy stops being a battle. Imagine that! Any transformation that happens in your body, happens in your mind first. Let go of shame, guilt and change the conversation you have with yourself. Be kind, be forgiving and give yourself a powerful platform from which you can make these beautiful transformations. Remember, beautiful isn’t how you look, it’s how you feel. Diabetes Management is based on self-acceptance and self-love, the rest is easy.

diabetes management
Can you be cured of diabetes?

The good news is, your body really wants to be slim. It wants to be lean, light, strong and energized; because that’s the way it’s designed, its natural state. Don’t believe myths that the human body clings to fat. It doesn’t –it knows that’s not the way it functions best.

diabetes management
How do you deal with type 2 diabetes?

When you eat or drink processed foods, alcohol, bad fats and refined sugar your body becomes overloaded with toxins. It’s these toxins, that cling to the fat. If your body looked the way it should – lean and light – you’d feel amazing. People think it is normal to wake up feeling tired and grumpy, it’s not. It’s common, but not normal. Normal is waking up feeling rested, energized and ready to take on the day. You won’t need sugar to help you function in the morning and you won’t get that crashing tiredness in the afternoon that only more coffee or a chocolate biscuit can (briefly) keep at bay. Instead, you’ll wake up after a good night’s sleep, feeling refreshed, your energy levels will be high, as will your concentration levels, sex drive and mood.

diabetes management
What is the best food to control diabetes?

So your job now is to make the choice, take action and stay with it. How to eat, how to exercise and how to ensure that you stay motivated – understand that your weight and health are not separate issues. Being overweight is a symptom of being unhealthy. Focus on your health and the weight will drop off.

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