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Different Time, Different Empire, SAME GRAVE. Carbs, Sweetners, Fats and Proteins.

No More ‘Sadi-betes’

Carbohydrates and Sweeteners

How many carbohydrates should a diabetic have in a day?

The amount of carbohydrates will vary in each individual’s meal plan, but current nutrition recommendations do not require that people with diabetes avoid simple sugars. The objective is to focus on total carbohydrates instead of the source of carbohydrates consumed. Eating fruits, milk, potatoes, rice, bread and other carbohydrate sources in a consistent meal plan may be just as effective for blood glucose management as avoiding sucrose-containing foods.

Which sweetener is better for diabetics?


The recommended amount of fat in the diet is usually based on lipid management goals. Diabetics who are not at a healthy weight and don’t have normal lipid levels cannot consume more liberal amounts of fat than those who do not need to lose weight, lower triglycerides, or follow very low-density lipoprotein modifications. Limiting consumption of fried foods, fatty meats and dairy foods can help keep saturated fats in the diet to less than 10 percent of the daily calories.

What are good fats for diabetics?

Additionally, certified nutritionists, registered dietitians and experienced fitness experts can teach you how to swamp out some of those fat storing foods. For healthy fat burning foods, use things like butter instead of margarine and whole grain bread instead of processed wheat. Simple tweaks like these will cause your body to burn fat rather than store it, because it keeps your blood sugar levels balanced and keeps your body in fat burning mode all day.


Is whey protein safe for diabetics?

There is insufficient evidence to support recommended protein intakes in the diet. Protein does become an important factor when nephropathy (kidney disease) complications are identified. When glomerulus filtration rate (GFR) begins to fall, protein intake should be reduced so the body can maintain kidney function as long as possible without compromising muscle strength.

Bad foods are just the tip of a much deeper problem, especially in the genetically modified foods category. Corn, Soy, Sugar, Aspartame, Canola and even dairy is being bombarded by corporate giants with unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics that can have very negative effects on your health and increase your weight gain. Adding chemicals to prolong shelf life or genetically modifying our food is NOT THE ANSWER.

E143 – Carbs, Sweetners, Fats and Proteins –

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