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Gears Not Grinding In The Old Cerebellum? Mental Health Disorders.

Can mental health affect diabetes?

What are mental health illnesses or disorders? They refer to a broad spectrum of mental health conditions that affect ones mood, behavior and thinking. Some examples of mental health disorders are depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. Mental health affects ones day to day life, relationships and physical health.

Being diagnosed with a mental health illness is bad enough but compounded with diabetes it is definitely stressful.

Is diabetes a mental illness?

The interrelation of diabetes and psychiatry has been a focus of fascination for mental health professionals and endocrinologists for years. It has been established that both, diabetes and psychiatric disorders mutually influence each other. Therefore, diabetologists and psychiatrists need to team up to work effectively. The problem is too complicated for any single specialty to tackle individually.

Can diabetes lead to bipolar disorder?

Research shows that diabetics have a higher predisposition to developing mental health illnesses- than the general population. Similarly, patients diagnosed with mental health disorders are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Some of the mental health disorders associated with diabetes are depression, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders.

Can diabetes affect your mental health?

Exactly why diabetics are more susceptible to mental disorders is still uncertain. One explanation could be that suffering from intense pain, plus having diabetes can be depressing, leading to a greater probability of developing a mood disorder. It has now been accepted that the food you eat also significantly affects how people think, feel and behave. There is other evidence that concludes that certain medicines used to treat social anxiety can infact trigger type 2 diabetes.

Substances like alcohol or tobacco can affect the working of oral diabetes medication. Further, a depressed person may not follow proper medication for diabetes, thereby rendering the treatment useless. Also if a person is suffering from phobias related to needles or injections, then this too, can have a detrimental effect on the investigations and treatment of diabetes. In a nutshell, people diagnosed with mental health disorders are less likely to seek treatment for diabetes.

E20 – Diabetes and Mental Health Disorders –

Which of the below is a link between diabetes and mental illness?
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