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Still Using Glucometer? Switch to a Real-Time Prick-Free Glucose Monitoring Device


A series of 150 patients were scientifically monitored using CGMS device and their average HbA1c dropped from 8.5 to 6 through therapeutic and diet modification using real-time glucose monitoring device.

Ryan was fatigued. At 52, he was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago. He was started on insulin 5 years ago and currently on 26 units in the morning and 12 units in the evening. His fasting blood glucose levels typically fluctuated between 120-145. He owns a very popular big retail store in New York. Lately, his staff has been complaining about him swearing at them and yelling at them for no reason. Ryan himself could not fathom the reason for his irritable and irrational behaviour, although he mentioned he was more tired, of late. He had never experienced any of this before.

When he consulted the endocrinologist, the test showed Glycosylated hemoglobin of 7.5%. The endocrinologist recommended a 14 day monitoring of sugar round the clock. Already tired of sugar tests and insulin needle pricks, Ryan was shocked. How was this test going to be performed he asked the endocrinologist, who in turn merely smiled benevolently.

A few minutes later, Ryan too was smiling. A small pinprick in his arm and Presto! A small inconspicuous electronic device was installed which would monitor his sugars on a continual basis for 14 days! Ryan was amazed at the technological advances.

A continuous glucose monitor was utilised to check for glycemic excursions in Ryan. He was noted to have recurrent episodes of low blood sugars (hypoglycemia) in the early afternoon hours, which coincided with occurrences of aggression while at the store.

His insulin regiment was adjusted and he was asked to ensure that he does not skip or delay meals. Subsequently, he noted a significant improvement in energy levels with complete resolution of the episodes of aggression.

Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

+ 14 days real-time accurate monitoring

+ Medication customised as per actual real time individual data

+ Stringent sugar control possible due to real-time monitoring

E287 – Still Using Glucometer? Switch to a Real-Time Prick-Free Glucose Monitoring Device –

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