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labelled healthy

Labelled Healthy

Labelled Healthy
No More ‘Sadi-betes’!
Did you know, the foods you’ve been told in the media are healthy, actually increase your weight and can cause you diabetes and other serious health problems.
Most foods are manufactured by big companies and since these companies have a lot of influence and pull in the media, you’re probably eating these foods daily and they not only add to those extra inches around your belly but they can stop you from losing weight altogether. When you eliminate them the excess weight falls of naturally.
Truth is, we may live in the information age, but we certainly live in the misinformation age. There’s a lot of misleading information floating around when it comes to being healthy and losing weight.
People have tried everything – the diet pills, counting calories, especially prepared meals and none it works. Not to mention most people starving themselves on these diets. Many people have felt like there was no hope and that their bodies were destined to be ‘super-sized’. People are ready to throw in the towel and accept their fate of never being thin.
Labelled Heatthy
We can ‘dia-beat-this’!
Through studies in the nutritional field, some key factors have been discovered, that keep the fat on.
As soon as you start eliminating certain foods – foods that we’ve consistently been told were healthy for us – the fat will melt away. You can start using this information immediately to lose weight for good… especially belly fat, whether you are currently on a diet or not.
Genetically modified foods or GM Foods can cause hormonal imbalances and keep the fat on.
What you eat can affect your hormones negatively or positively and what you put into your body has more to do with you being healthy and losing weight more than anything else.
Specific foods that are labeled healthy for you, not only keep the weight on but cause hormonal imbalances, increases cardio-vascular diseases and makes it almost impossible to loose weight or control your diabetes.
Luckily, all the answers are right there in your kitchen. It’s not about diet health bars, or eating berries, celery or carrots. When you consume the right carbs with the right amount of proteins, the fat will burn off naturally.
It’s that simple.
How do you melt those unwanted pounds without eating skimpy frozen meals, starving yourself with fad diets or even doing exhausting exercises? Watch this space for more.
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