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Raw Vegan Diet of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Abundance

raw vegan diet
A sacrifice to set you free

Raw Vegan Diet was unheard of. Born into a vegetarian family, I grew up on a diet that included fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and dairy products. Healthy enough until, four years ago, I was continuously running a fever and losing weight. Determined to overcome this, I looked for solutions and enrolled in a small allopathic course which left me with the resolve to investigate every item of my diet.

Why are fruits and vegetables good for you?

As a first step, I consulted a nutritionist who was an advocate of the vegan diet. She pointed out that every food we eat leaves behind a residue, which is either acidic or alkaline. According to her, I had eaten something acidic in excess for a period of time and that had affected my thyroid glands. (I had eaten a lot of tofu for protein during a trip to china, to extend my Tai Chi training).

raw vegan diet
Which are these fruits and vegetables?

The nutritionist advised me to completely avoid whole wheat, all dairy products and stay with a single- grain diet, recommending that I shouldn’t eat cooked food more than twice a day. Determined, I followed her instructions to the letter. As a Tai Chi Master and an Ashtanga practitioner, I wanted my body to experience an exceptional level of health and fitness. My new diet regime improved my health but I had this uneasy thought that my digestion wasn’t proceeding satisfactorily.

How many servings of vegetables should you have a day to lose weight?

Then I discovered the raw vegan diet and started to feel the results I was looking for. This diet – or lifestyle – advocated 80 percent of calories should come from carbohydrates, 10 percent from protein and 10 percent from fat. The primary fuel is sugar from sweet fruits to fulfill our need for carbohydrates. For protein, we should consume soft, leafy greens like lettuce, baby spinach, baby tomatoes, cucumber, red bell peppers etc. Fats can be had from fatty fruits like avocado, olive or durian. One can also occasionally eat nuts and seeds in small quantities.

E204 – A Diabetic Diet of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Abundance –

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